Thinking of starting a new group, or transferring your current group to ellie?
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We heard from parents. Parents want a group communication platform that fosters more personal conversations and connections, while giving them control over the content they consume. With ellie, you can create and manage topics for more organized communication and easily accept, vet and add new members—and so much more!

If you’re tired of your existing platform and want to start anew, move your group to ellie. Or, if you want a complementary platform to whatever you’re using today, invite your members to ellie to continue the conversation.


Why use ellie?

Topics. Create personalized topics for your group with a click of a button. You can also add, edit, or hide topics as your group evolves. Users can also “Suggest a Topic” for your consideration.

Say goodbye to email. Everyone is over email. It’s time consuming, feels invasive, and leads to cluttered inboxes. Drastically increase group communication and collaboration with ellie.

Easy group conversion. Invite users to your group via a shareable link, email or text. Potential members can also search for your group and request to join.

Increase your group’s membership and visibility. With ellie, potential members can find your group via search. Optimize your membership with ellie.

It’s free. No matter how big your group gets.

Admin controls. For private groups, users tell you why they want to join. You can also ask follow-up questions, appoint co-admins, remove a user and delete posts.

Benefits over Facebook and Slack. See FAQs.


Thinking of starting a new group, or transferring your current group to ellie? Let us help.

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