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Why the Postpartum Period is Forever and What You Need to Know About the First Year of Parenthood

“Postpartum” is the phase after delivery, beyond birth - it is the other side of the threshold. Talking about the first year of postpartum reality in a layered and truthful way that enables support, is one of the things that can actually stave off many of the challenges that arise during the first year of parenthood. Read on for the top 5 things we want you to know about the first year of parenthood.

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Better Together? The Challenges of Co-Parenting

Being a parent can be tough. When you add in different parenting styles, competing demands on a parent’s time and communication challenges, it can be tougher than it needs to be. Know that it is completely normal, and okay to have a different parenting style than your spouse. In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Why it’s okay to have different parenting styles

  • What emotional labor and maternal gatekeeping look like

  • Three strategies for sharing more responsibilities with your partner

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Facing infertility? Seven Steps for When You're Not Getting Pregnant

Infertility is difficult at any point, whatever the cause and whether you’ve been trying to conceive for six months, a year or two. It’s all the same. I know this because when I was trying to conceive, the waiting and infinite questions chipped away at my soul. But finding community made the journey bearable. Read on for helpful tips, resources and support to make the journey towards a baby a little less daunting.

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A Motherhood Story: My Low Supply Breastfeeding Struggles

I have come to think of the early days of motherhood like a random hand of cards. Almost everyone gets a mix of cards that are good, easy, painful, scary, hard, or heartbreaking.It became clear very early on that something was not right with breastfeeding. My daughter was always fussy or sleepy. She wasn’t pooping enough. One of my breasts wasn’t having changes though I nursed her on that side as much as I could.

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A Motherhood Story: Am I Only "Sort Of" A Mother?

I have had a feisty spirit since I was born.  As a literal lifetime cancer survivor (I was born with cancer), I have taken on life with a unique gusto, an “I can do absolutely anything” and an “F* those who tell me I can’t” attitude.  There have been two times in my life when the doctor’s “DON’T” message could not be overcome, worked around, or simply powered through. The first was scuba diving and the second was carrying a pregnancy.

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Why You Need Mom Friends and Where to Find Them

It’s hard to make friends as adults—between work, family and other competing demands on your time, it can be difficult to prioritize finding new mom friends. With pregnancy as the common thread, it can sometimes be easier.  Mom friends at every stage of the motherhood journey are super helpful, but friends who have kids the same age as yours are super essential. Here’s why:

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Being a Stay At Home Mom in 2019

We had the pleasure of sitting home with Edil, a stay at home mom to a 2.5 year old, living in Rockaway Beach, NYC. Passionate about changing the narrative surrounding stay at home moms, she shares her journey from working in the fast-paced real estate industry, to taking a full pause to raise her daughter at home. Being a stay at home mom is hard. And no one prepares you for the identify shift that comes with it.

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Doulas: What Do Doulas Do?

Maybe you’re pregnant, or you’ve just given birth. Or maybe your in the thick of maternity leave and starting to look around for answers to all the questions that have come up along the way. You’ve probably heard of a doula but you aren’t really quite sure what one really is. In this article, we’ll explain the different types of doulas and what doulas do.

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