Top 10 Art Supplies For Toddlers

Top 10 Art Supplies for Toddlers: paper, markers, glue, watercolor, pompoms, google eyes, pop sticks, pipe cleaners, scissors, and pencils.

I’m Ami from Stay Small Art Club. I am an NYC mom to Ford (8) and Noah (5). I run a Tots Art Club in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. I LOVE doing arts and crafts with kids. I encourage all parents (crafty or not) to explore art with their kids. It’s fun, easy, and does not have to be messy or take up too much room in your home. Plus, it helps build important skills for success in school. I’ll be sharing art project ideas with you every month on the ellie blog.

Top 10 Toddler Art Supplies

There are a few key items to have on hand for pretty much any awesome art project. Consider keeping these supplies in a clear storage bin so it’s easy to store and you can throw everything back in for easy cleanup.

  1. Paper (and tissue paper!)

  2. Markers

  3. Glue

  4. WaterColors

  5. PomPoms

  6. Googley Eyes

  7. Pop Sticks

  8. Pipe Cleaners

  9. Scissors

  10. Colored Pencils (or Crayons)

5 Art Projects To Make in Under 5 minutes With These Supplies

  1. Paper airplanes: Finish your airplane with some color and paint.

  2. Self-portrait: Add googly eyes and pom poms for extra character.

  3. Paper fish: Roll paper into a tube, then staple or tape together, pinch the bottom of the roll and staple, cut out fins and tail, then glue onto the roll, add PomPoms and googly eyes, and decorate with paint. Here is a quick video on making paper fish.

  4. Collage and Watercolor: Use paper, watercolor, precut pieces of paper, glue to make a watercolor, add cut up pieces of paper with glue to add texture.

  5. Rainbow cloud: Cut white tissue paper into a cloud shape, white paper into squares and rainbow paper into strips. Teach your tot about ROYGBIV (colors of the rainbow) to help them remember the correct order. Glue rainbow to cloud, and decorate with eyes and markers. Add tissue paper for more texture.