What does it cost to join?

ellie is free! No tricks or sneaky ploys.

Is group information private?

When you create a group, your group's home page and description are visible to other users who search for groups such as yours. If a group is "private", then the group's content is only visible to other group members. If your group is public, the content is still only visible to other group members, but since anyone can join the group the content is more readily accessible.

Is my profile information private?

If you mark your profile "restricted', then your profile information is only visible to your direct friends and other members of your private groups; it will not be visible to fellow members of public groups, unless a member has been added as your friend.

What’s the difference between a public and private group?

A public group is open to anyone, assuming, of course, you abide by any parameters set out by the group's administrator (a.k.a the "admin").

Membership to private groups is controlled by the group admin. They decide if you fit the bill for their group. When you request to join, be sure to tell the admin why you want to join in the text field so they know why you belong!

Why can’t I find groups that I’m looking for?

ellie is in beta release. We’re starting small so we can gather feedback and create the ideal application for moms. We are growing every day. Tell us what kind of group you’re looking for, and we can make it happen. Promise.

There are a lot of fields in the profile section, do I need to fill them all out?

Nope! Fill out what you want to fill out, but know that your fellow group members will thank you if you take a few minutes and complete your profile. Members want to know more about other members—isn’t that why you’re here? Maybe you’ll find another stay-at-home or working mom in your area to connect with!

How will ellie use my information?

We take your privacy very seriously; please see our privacy policy for complete terms.

Is ellie just for moms?

No way! All parents, or expecting individuals are welcome. We talk about moms a lot because moms rock and have generally found them to be super active in parenting groups. But we love parents of all backgrounds. Please, join us!

Do you join anonymously or as yourself?

You join as yourself, but you control who sees what. If your profile is “restricted” then members of public groups will only see your first name and last initial, and won’t have access to your profile. However, members of your private groups see your name and have access to your profile. You don’t have to put anything in your profile that you’re not comfortable sharing with a fellow private group member.

What kind of groups can I join?

You can search and find groups that interest you. As the app grows, so will the number of groups. If a group is “public” you can join it without permission. If it’s “private”, your request to join has to be approved by the administrator of the group. If you can’t find a group you’re looking for let us know.

Can I block or report a user?

Yes, both. You can block a user by clicking “Block User” in such user’s profile. This user will not be able to contact you. If you think a user doesn’t belong in a group, please report the user. We’ll remove any users from the app that threaten the integrity of the platform.

What is the “ellie” group I see when I download the app?

When you download ellie, you automatically become a part of a network of moms. Ellie is a public group, so if your profile is "restricted" only your first and last name will appear next to any posts you create. You can ask questions of the group, or respond to questions, just like you would in any other group.

How is ellie different from the competition?