Groups on ellie

Moms groups have been around for decades, if not centuries—in one form or another. And let’s not forget about dads. Now, more than ever, dads are taking an active, hands on approach to parenting. Dads need communities too. There’s nothing like connecting with another parent going through similar child-rearing or child-bearing challenges as you are. The ellie app is your platform for communication, connection, and control. You pick your groups, decide which topics to follow and which conversations to jump in on. Parenting groups—whether a group of six friends or 500—finally have a home with ellie.

Moms in a moms group standing together talking and laughing.

SMALL Private personal or school Groups

Whether your group consists of a few close friends, family members, or coworker moms, or school parents, small groups are a fun way to share tidbits, advice, pictures, and schedule fun events for your kids without text message overload! Create your group on the app today.

Large Private or public Groups

Parenting groups take on many forms, and often use outdated methods of communication. Look for, or start a moms group in your neighborhood or city. ellie has groups spanning from Brooklyn, NY to Kansas City, MO and beyond! There are also national groups covering topics such as Toddler Love and Breastfeeding.

Moms in a moms group sitting on grass with babies in New York City.

ellie Partner groups

ellie partner groups provide an opportunity for brands to engage with their existing community of customers or clients in an organic way, while increasing visibility for for their brand and products. Interested in creating an ellie partner group? Send us a note.

ELLIE (Public)

Every person who downloads ellie is automatically part of the global ellie group! Pick and choose which topics you follow such as Behavior, Pregnancy or Real Talk. At ellie, we strive to create a safe and open-minded space for moms and dads to communicate and learn from each other.