Woman looking on phone drinking coffee.

The ellie app.

No more emails. No more wall clutter.
Finally, a platform for parents.

When you download ellie, you automatically become part of ellie's community of parents.

Ask questions, give advice, meet fellow moms or dads!

Screenshot of the Create Group screen on the ellie app and the NYC Working Moms group.


Create a public or private group in a few simple steps.

You create the topics. You invite members and accept membership requests. It’s that easy. 

Considering inviting or transferring your existing moms group to ellie? Let us know and we can help!



Search for groups that interest you— topic-based groups, marketplaces, or groups in your area!

Screen shot of the “My Groups” and “Search Results” screens of the ellie app
Screenshots of the topics and conversations view of the ellie app.


Groups are organized by topics so you can easily get the answers you're looking for. Question about sleeping? Health? Baby products? Your best resources are at your fingertips—fellow moms.

Stop wasting your time online searching through fake product reviews or sponsored content!



Easier than ever. Want to host a meetup? Send an invite to your group! Add playdates, meet ups, classes, and coffee dates to your calendar. You'll always be in the loop!

Screenshot of the events and events detail screen of the ellie app.

Download ellie today!