My moms groups have been an invaluable part of my journey as a mom. I rely on my groups for everything from birthday and holiday gift ideas to serious questions about baby development, sleep regressions, breastfeeding, weaning, illnesses, going back to work, things to do—you name it, I’ve asked about it.

But my journey with moms groups hasn’t been without frustrations. For one, like other moms, I’ve had to rely on word of mouth to find relevant or local moms groups. It’s not clear how to join, or which platform the group is on. A lot of moms groups still use email, even though most moms are desperately trying to reduce their inbox size—not increase it. On certain platforms, users have to sort through a huge wall of varying posts to (maybe) find what they’re looking for.

So, I started thinking—do other moms have these issues? Well they did, and then some. I surveyed hundreds of moms and ellie was born.

ellie is an app to make the administrator’s job easier, and give group members what they deserve—a centralized place to connect and efficiently communicate with other parents, in a manner that gives them control over the content they consume.

Thank you for being an early part of the ellie community. There are so many features down the pipeline, they keep me up at night!

I always want to hear from you and thanks for being with us and we evolve, grow and get you exactly what you want. We cannot do this without you.

Yours truly,


PS – Why “ellie”? The elephant herd is led by the oldest mother of the group. She makes major decisions for the herd and they rely on her in times of comfort or crisis. She influences the herd more than any other group or individual. We call her ellie.


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Hayley is a mom to two boys, wife and innovator. She grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and moved to the east coast after college. She met her husband while attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, a city she will always cherish. Hayley and her family currently reside in the New York City area. While NYC has been her home for awhile, Kansas City will always be where the red slippers lead, and the place with the best BBQ!!

When not working on ellie, chasing around a toddler, or snuggling an infant, Hayley loves to sneak in a quick workout, enjoy a good meal with her husband or [dream about] binge watch[ing] a show.